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Time to Bump The Competition




Are you at a local university or company and want to schedule an event? No problem! We'll bring you everything you need. Plenty of bubble soccer balls, referee(s), line markers, soccer balls, and goals. We'll even secure an indoor or outdoor location for you .

Team Building 

Build a stronger bond with co-workers. Re-energize your work force with

outside team activities. They are found to bring loyalty and moral. Playing BUBBLE SOCCER  is a great way to have fun.  The ones that don't want to get into the bubbles will be the ones laughing so hard that there side will hurt. We also offer a  KICKBALL, SOFTBALL and many TEAM CHALLENGES for your event as well. Please check with us with any ideas like transportation buses, photography or other sports for your event. All these events can be catered with food and drink provided with a price per person. Please contact us for pricing.