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Bubblesoccer Booking Fees

Cost Per Team $500 

Cost Per Individual $65

5 week seasons with 2 games each week for a total of 10 games. Teams will be 5 to 6  a side with two 12 minute periods with a 3 minute break between each period. In case of a draw we will have one extra 5 minute period.

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BUBBLE SOCCER RULES PLAYERS ----- 5-8 per side including goalie and no less than 4 total.                            Teams can have a roster of ten players MATCHES ---- 2 -12 minute periods with a 3 minute half time out.  If there is a draw there will be one extra 5 minute period.                              always show up early to matches and clean balls after match.  Because you will sweat.
 No glasses or jewelry permitted in bubble PLAY ------------ At the start of each period or after a goal is scored both teams   will remain behind the charge line until the whistle is blown. 
The referee will determine what is out of bounds and will  blow the whistle to stop play. The ball is always put back in  play with a free kick and opposing team must be ten feet  away .
Same with goal kicks . If the goal is moved the referee           may stop play . Always stop when referee blows whistle  GOALE------- Must stay in the defesive side of the field . Goale can be   pushed and may push back .
 CONTACT---- No bumping players unless they see you .                             No bumping players without the ball or trying to get up .                             No bumping players against walls or corners .Don't aim bubble at players legs .  No kicking other players feet      Play the ball and have fun .   Always stop when the whistle blows .  The referee can eject you from the game 


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