Time to Bump The Competition


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Is it safe ?
With any sport, there is always a risk. As safe as this appears being in a ‘Bubble’, we recommend that you have a reasonable level of fitness to be able to cope with being ‘Bumped’. It is encouraged to wear knee pads and shin guards. A signed WAIVER will be required  prior to participation for any EVENTS.
What’s the AGE limit for children to play? Our initial launch will be 6 years and older 
Has DROP IN play started yet? Our initial launch will be August 2014. Once we have a league night scheduled we allow people a chance to DROP IN and play.
Do we need to register a team for DROP IN on a night ? Teams are registering already, but we really want to give the public as much opportunity to try it at least once. We might be forced to get the teams scheduled starting early due to the demand, but we will shoot for a league forming beginning August 2014. I would recommend registering your team NOW so you don't miss out.
What time do you play on these days? TBA week nights at 6:30 to 9:00 pm in 1/2 time slots , 
Do we need a team for DROP IN PLAY? No, but highly recommended so we get you in the right team demographic.
 Do we need 5 or 10 players? The format is 5-10 a side. The more people you have on a team the CHEAPER it will be. Some teams will need to have subs because of the great workout you get from playing BUBBLE SOCCER 
  What is the price for a team?   , It will be $500 per team, Single game drop in pricing will be $ 15 per game. However, once the leagues start the pricing will be determined on the amount of GAMES and TIME LENGTH within that schedule, but will be broken down to be roughly $ 8-$ 12 per player per game
How many weeks? The plan is to break this down to 4 week schedules, but playing twice a night. More to come on this….
Do we pay for a team in advance or do the players pay on the night?
Yes you will need to pay for a team in advance. Through December we will be “pay on the night” . We’re encouraging family and friends to come along for any no-shows. SALES RETURN POLICY all sales are final. No returns / refunds will be accepted once the order has been placed and paid for.
What is the height and weight limit?

​1.2 cm balls are suitable for kids shorter then 59 inches and not to weigh more than 220 pounds

1.5 cm balls are suitable for adults taller then 59 inches or 5 feet to 5'9" tall and not weigh more then  220 pounds 

1.8 cm balls are suitable for adults taller then 5.10 to 6.4  feet tall and can weigh more than 220 pounds but  not more then 255 pounds.